Harry Quinn is a singer-songwriter from the UK.

His debut album "Parallels" was released on 7th April 2017. The album features a distinctive mix of moods and grooves delivered by warm soulful vocals, dynamic guitar playing and a bunch of excellent musicians as part of the Harry Quinn Band (full album credits available here).

Solo and as part of the band (first band show September 2015), Harry has played hundreds of UK shows/gigs and open mics over the last few years. Highlights include playing at The Royal Society, St. Pancras Church, a live radio performance for BBC Introducing on BBC Three Counties Radio plus headline band shows at The Courtyard Theatre and St. John's Church in Hoxton.

Photo by Roxi Cox Photography

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Where are you from?

I was born in Slough, UK, then moved and raised in Norfolk.

When did you start playing the guitar?

I began at the age of 9, I was very lucky to have a couple of guitarists and musicians among the teaching staff at my school, they got me going and I haven't looked back since. There was also a constant stream of mostly 70s/80s music playing at home!

How would you describe your music?

The short answer would be Pop with Soul and Groove. It's always a bit tough giving a brief answer to this. I think for any artist, because they are so much part of and deeply connected to their work to start labeling stuff isn't the easiest thing to do. Of course listening to "Parallels" is the best way for going about judging for yourself :).

What's the story with your new album "Parallels"?

"Parallels" is the result of a few years of performing, writing, refining and 'living'. The songs, the recordings, the lyrics all hold a great deal of meaning to me personally but I also hope there's a lot for any listener to take from them. There's quite a broad range of grooves and moods on the album, upbeat stuff, slower jazzier stuff and more Soul and Pop tunes too. I'm extremely pleased with how it sounds and proud of it as my debut album.

Who are the Harry Quinn Band?

Most of my experience playing and writing has been as a solo singer/guitarist so when I got a group of people eager to contribute on recordings and at live shows I jumped at the chance. I've was very fortunate to have a great bunch of friends and musicians to play on "Parallels"! I'm always on the lookout for more people to be part the Harry Quinn Band, any serious enquiries regarding gigs/writing/recording contact me!

Who are your musical influences?

I've got a wide range of influences, as long as it's good, genuine and gets me going in one way or other I'm game. There's always something to appreciate in any type of music though I like to keep my ears open :). I've definitely got some favourite artists/tunes dotted about, check out this Spotify playlist if you're interested.

Have you been to any music schools/colleges?

Yes. I spent a year at the Guitar Institute (ICMP) in Kilburn, it was a great experience getting to meet fellow muso types. One of the best parts was getting a better grip of music theory and it's application on the guitar. There are times when following your intuition exclusively is the best way to go with writing and performing music but sometimes, particularly when communicating with other musicians it's useful to be able to explain things or write things down to get your ideas across. Having said that one of the most profound musical 'educations' for me came whilst reading 'The Music Lesson' by Victor Wooten, I have no affiliation or connection to the book or author but if you're curious, definitely go and check it out.

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